Life Without Dreams is One Unhappy Life

Hi Guys,

This afternoon while I’m creating my world, my life, my future, focusing on the NOW:) I got inspired by my old post on dreams and their role in our lives. And as the universe would have it, my soulmate Magzz:) yes, you can see that this union is definitely flourishing:) sent me beautiful quotes on dreams today.

We share one vision for the future of our families, our world and since the Law of Attraction always responds to our vibrations, we have come to connect from two different parts of the world and have already built an incredibly fruitful and creative relationship, and all the best is yet to come:)

“New PH of the World – love vibrations” my first book is in the process of creation and as it’s to be it’s a growing and developing collective of ideas and stories I want to share with you and in the meantime with my posts and my coaching programs, businesses, I want to influence as many people as it gets to understand how this universe works, how each and every one of us can harness that incredible power within ourselves, the creators Geniuses that we all are, and help change the new PH of this planet, so it can finally vibrate the way it was meant to and designed to – with love.

To write that obviously there had to be a series of evidence and manifestations in my life and lives of others, as well as what helps our minds:) – the evidence from the world of science as well as spirit to both understand and grasp it, as my heart, my soul felt that already. With these two worlds so beautifully coming into harmony in 2012, the time of shift in our consciousness is happening globally and if  you haven’t experienced that yet, you can probably feel how everything increases tempo now, how quickly changes occur and how the world, the way we knew it disappears, be it in economy, relationships to yourselves and others and so on, and the new world is emerging.

I know this is the time of big dreams coming to realization, this is the time for all who desire it to achieve excellence and greatness, but for that to happen people need to understand the nature of this world and shift to understanding the way the material world is created. The algorithm of creation comes into picture again, I’m preparing a series of webinars now to help you make that shift and start to vibrate really high, to find that coherence between your powerful heart and your brain – that pretty much run most people’s lives, and so many now are wondering what happened and why their dreams are not manifesting or gave up dreaming completely.

This is something we must never stop doing as this thought, that vision, that dream of yours is the first step to create anything in this material world. Look at the collection of these beautiful quotes and allow yourself to be a kid again and fly away for a moment, you will see that having a vision only makes you want to work more intensely toward it, new energy, new vitality will take over, the divine inspiration, the universe, the angels, whatever you call it in your belief system will come to your aid and you will start creating what you dream off with the intensity you haven’t experienced before.

Have a look at this and find more at one of my webinars or get into my coaching:) and we will make sure you are going to manifest:)

Thanks Magzz:)

With Love and Light



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