Keep Walking….

Hi guys!:)

I trust you are having a beautiful day in anticipation of Christmas:) Here loads of activity and tomorrow big cooking day, my husband Joakim is making swedish cheese cake from fresh milk, hey that’s the advantage of living in a country side, need 15 L of milk, not a problem:) cows are everywhere:)

There will be loads of preparations as we have two traditions to follow and we love it. One is Swedish with Christmas Lunch with Jul Skinka and Ostkaka, Christmas Ham and Cheesecake and such and then in the evening on the 24th we have traditional polish supper when the first star rises:) With 12 dishes for 12 apostoles, so it is all very, very exciting. I will keep you posted on it and most probably paste some pictures.

Today I wanted to write about challenges, as one of my clients and I had a very interesting talk about exactly that. I’ll quote Churchill who once said “If you are going through hell, keep going” and you know both her and I got really into this today. Sometimes you come across such problems in your life, that it does feel like you stepped into earthly hell, and you completely loose yourself in it and let the situation take charge of you and what is happening. You become a classic definition of a victim, instead of “Getting on that tiger” called life you allow the tiger to devour you licking the lips:)

Think about it, the basic premise of all that i’m writing about here is that our world is nothing else but the creation of our minds , the thoughts that we keep on thinking over and over again are becoming our dominant thoughts, they over time turn into beliefs, and these shape our lives. Literally just take any particular situation you found yourself in, your marriage for instance. How is it? Let’s assume, that it is crappy and you hate it and want out. Ok, free will is a beautiful thing, but maybe it will dawn on you that maybe, just maybe it’s not the marriage that sucks, but your thinking needs a bit of tweaking.

What does that mean? Look at that simple “algorithm” – thoughts – feelings – actions – results… Now, there is a thought “my marriage sucks” , “i’m going through hell”, and you keep on repeating and thinking it over and over again  “I’m bored, there is no passion, he doesn’t give me enough attention, he is this and that…” ok, so here you have it, leaning and relying on another person to make you feel good…..hmmm

That is a very risky business, first off – if you are not loving yourself and accepting yourself nobody will be able to please you and you have a challenge within yourself, your response ability towards your emotions has been lost, you are trying to satisfy your needs elsewhere and that is fine, as long as your have peace within yourself and are happy with yourself, should that be the case you would be OK:)

So, the work is always to be done on self, self talk, self thought, self anything…To quote Ghandi again and again “Be the change you want to see in the world” these are some of the best words ever spoken. Let’s go back to the algorithm – so the thoughts you are thinking become your beliefs, with the thoughts come emotions – and you response ability towards them, you may already know, that you are not able to control other people or circumstances and that’s the beauty of life, the adventure of the unknown, the challenges ahead to face, but what you can control are your emotions and they are the most perfect compass you could ever wish for, every time you feel good your flourish, every time you feel bad you know what happens:)

Algorithm on – emotions – actions, good emotions = great constructive, enthusiastic, creative actions, bad emotions – again, go figure….And the last component – results, are you getting it? You have great thoughts, you feel great, you do great deeds, you get great results, true?

Some sceptics can say, no! I have been thinking good thoughts and I have felt great and I acted great and I got BS result, really? This equation does not mislead, ever, it works according to the most power law in this universe, the law of attraction and it’s as precise as Swiss watch:)

Really accept this and get into it ( get in the coaching with me, if you need to:)) read literature if you need to:)) there are ages of research confirming this, I’m sure you know a little film called “The Secret” it touched on this:) somewhat, some people didn’t really get it completely, yet quite a few got inspired to investigate further, and way, way before that since the beginning of time this law is present and is as undeniable as the law of gravity. I could write 5000 words post about it, but I’ll be coming back to this subject every time in this way or another.

The topic of this post was “Keep Walking…” as no matter what may be going on in your life right now, there is always road ahead and the limitless possibilities and should you follow and “obey” the law, your life is going to become heaven on earth, once you know the rules of engagement, miracles will become ever present and the problems will turn into most exciting mountains to climb. And, btw, have you ever known a climber who would stand in front of the giant mountain and said “it’s so high, I’m going to cry now and give up…”:)?

I hope you are getting what I’m saying and if not yet and your mind wants to play games with you and analyze and question everything, that’s allright, stick to that blog and investigate further and the “kingdom of heaven” is going to open up for you within you:)

Now, time to make some lunch!:) Yum:)

Have a wonderful day and till tomorrow…

With Love and Light

Natalia PH


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