I’m starting Experts Academy Today Wow I’m Extatic!:) School Again So I Can Become Even More and Help You Discover How to “Live, Love, Matter”:)

Ahhh, so extactic, Joakim and I are starting Experts Academy Elite Today, how amazing, one of the dreams tipped off, we are so excited, Brendon the founder is the bomb, I mean really we have literally went thru 100s of these guys who claim that can teach you this or that, but when it comes to generation of my peers, it seems like Brendon and I are both 35:) this guy is absolutely amazing, i dont know who is whose clone, as I have no clue what month he’s born, but honestly his energy, charisma, soul and of course his credo “LOVE, LIVE, MATTER” for me was a total MATCH as it heat the home run immediately, me with my LOVE & LIGHT, NEW PH OF THE WORLD, LOVE VIBRATIONS” WHAT A MATCH:)

He’s been tough by the most inspirational teachers on this planet and now is the highest paid consultant if you’d like to rock the stage as the Seminar Leader, Author, Online Marketer, Coach and become the Expert, wow, just the place I want to be, correction I’m there, LOL:) Universe doesn’t understand future tense, so I visualize myself on the stage with my teachers and inspirations such as Brendon, Tony Robbins, Gregg Braden, Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay etc…wow, you know I get dizzy when I think about.

Wonderful day, wonderful time, The Year of The Dragon is Staring, and yes I AM A DRAGON, so this is so MY YEAR and SO WANT IT TO BE YOUR YEAR and I WOULD LOVE TO HELP YOU REALIZE YOUR DREAMS, whatever they might be and how high you measure, make sure you measure for the stars, as if you “only” reach the mountain tops, that ain’t bad either:)

Let’s start with this video “5 TIPS OF HOW TO WAKE UP TO THE GENIUS YOU ARE” prepared as the intro to my first real program, have a look and i truly hope it will inspire you to take action, as I BELIEVE IN YOU, SERIOUSLY I SO BELIEVE IN OUR RACE, THAT WE ARE GOING TO ROCK IT THIS YEAR AND SET OUR COURSE TO NEW PH OF THE PLANET – LOVE, PEACE AND HARMONY!:)

Oh, BTW, here is another present i got from my beloved Magzie, my South African Queen, beauful soul mate of mine, and I am so blessed to have found several soul mates, wow! My husband Joakim, Maite my beautiful Spanish friend and partner, Mariusz in Poland – friend and releasing technique coach , Magzie in SA, wow, wow, people you want to know about LAW OF ATTRACTION, ask me and get in coaching with me, as i will SO explain it to you thru my life’s examples what and how and why you are not manifesting and if so, then how to correct the course:) I’ve so figured out the ALGORITH OF CREATION, im in awe and so GRATEFUL.

i love you, i love life, i love it all, so 2012 LET’S GO AND SEND OUT THE VIBES OF LOVE!:) SPREAD LOVE NOT HATE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE:)

With Love and Light, NataliaPH and here’s Magziee gift, how appropriate for my first day of school:)



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