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The other day, I got truly inspired by one of my dearest friends – Margaret, who sent me a list of Ghandi’s famous quotes. As I was reading through them I reflected on what is going on in the world and it really hit me that the levels of consciousness or degree of it varies so widely amongst even those closest around me it’s astounding. I noticed how some are living in fear about every single thing, should one “problem” get solved, they won’t last 24 hours before they find something else to worry about, glass is always half empty. It reminds me of something that Inelia Benz mentioned about those who would stay in the world of duality and those that would move towards the light. The more I pay attention the more I notice that division, do you?
When you think about the world what do you see? Recently it became so evident that certain people simply do not want to let go of their old, limiting beliefs and they got stuck, so how to serve them, how to help them?
Enlighted beings tell us to focus on what is happening within us, work on ourselves and that can help awake others, if I could make a wish now, I would ask for humanity to wake up to light and love, to prosperous and happy life. I believe that can happen for many and the more individuals step up to their inner power, the more it will spread.
I believe our world can be filled with love, peace and harmony, with this post I would like to ask you to share a great post by Deepak Chopra, “Peace is the Way” and in it he gives a great description of how to pave the road towards it:

“1. Change doesn’t start on the surface. It’s generated from consciousness. This has been true throughout history. If both Buddhism and Christianity could begin with one person, let us not think in terms of numbers and odds. It may sound grandiose to compare ourselves to great spiritual guides, but we act collectively, as an alliance. Our strength comes from critical mass.
2. We aren’t here to make the world evolve. We are here to evolve as individuals and then to spread that influence. In the wisdom tradition of Vedanta, the stream of evolution is known in Sanskrit as Dharma, from a root verb that means ‘to uphold.’ This gives us a clue how to live: the easiest way for us to grow is to align ourselves with Dharma. We don’t have to struggle to grow–that would be unproductive, in fact. The Dharma has always favored non-violence. If we can bring ourselves to a state of non-violence, and connect with others who are doing the same thing, we have done a huge thing to reinforce Dharma.
I loved it, the message resonates with me on so many levels. My hope is that it does with you too and we can all one by one and in unison create a wonderful place to live minus war, crime and negativity of any kind. May there be love and light:)
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Here is one of the quotes Margaret sent me.


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