Dear Friends!

12 12 12 wow what a historic day, what convergence of energies, I feel amazing and I hope you do too!

Today I would love to share something really special with you!

For the last few weeks, I have been working on researching ways to influence our vibration and here is what I have for you!

I created a little e-book called “How music influences our vibration” and at the same time my dear friend, new age composer Torben Thoger created his magical album called “Songs about love and oneness”, together we prepared a wonderful package for your and your loved ones that will make you feel absolutely fabulous!

This is my Christmas present to all those I cared about. Tune into to listen to Torben’s great video and how what we created can help you and your loved ones feel divine!

Here is a little excerpt from the book:

Music is energy

Music is a form of energy in the universe that is vibrational in nature and as such can uplift us or make us feel really low. Music speaks directly to our feelings and these influence our state and the actions that we take.

The feelings alter our perceptions of reality and simply put when you are happy you see the world as a happy place, when you are miserable that is what you see around you.

There was a great study conducted at the University of London during which 30 subjects were exposed to music excerpts ranging from happy to sad. Afterwards the subjects were shown images of happy, neutral and sad faces, they were to rate the emotions displayed by faces on the 7-point scale, where 1 represented deep sadness and 7 extreme happiness.

Before I tell you about the results of that study, teleport yourself for a second to times when you felt really bad and music uplifted you and conversely when you felt good and you heard some loud, banging, irritating or horrifying music and how that made you feel.

Didn’t your heart jumped in fear for a moment, or maybe sudden sadness overwhelmed you?

I can think of dozens of examples in my own life and how powerfully music influenced my state on many occasions.

Now, back to the results of the study, not surprisingly images of the happy faces were described by participants as extremely happy after they had been exposed to happy music excerpts and as much sadder than they actually were when subjects listened to sad music.

Sad music made misery even more miserable.

And what does it tell you?

Music magnifies whatever state we are in and it can hugely alter it even if we are feeling good. Knowing that we are extremely empowered and can consciously create …”

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