How to be happy? Few simple recipes.

“Don’t worry, be happy”

The words of Bobby McFerrin’s song resound in my head. Sure, when I listen to it a smile appears on my face and I wonder is it really so simple just to be happy?

Apparently there are scientific ways to be happy and keep that happiness as our permanent state of being. I read an article today called “Road to happiness” in it, the authors describe few ways of achieving that, I will sum it up for you here. Since I did mention last time, that according to personal development gurus, such as Deepak Chopra, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, the purpose of life is to be happy, than I will definately join in on their quest to promote that mission and this little post may help some people achieve that state faster.


Psychologist from Wake Forrest University Dr Will Fleeson reveals in the article that he discovered a way to improve our mood instantly regardless of age, sex, your background and so on. It’s absolutely simple and when you think about it, im sure you will find it true as well. Basically you are just to do something, boldly, without hesitation, just to do it. If you do, than you will feel the change of state. It could be something as silly as jumping or laughing out loud, dancing, even making funny faces to the mirror. Another psychologist connected electrodes to volunteers faces and told them to watch cartoons and relax certain parts of their faces, it turned out, that making movements similar to smiling makes you much relaxed.

I encourage you to try it out now, take a mirror and start making funny faces, because of your body memory, you will not be able to stop yourself from laughing. Read some jokes, go back to happy memories, look at films that made you laugh, the feelings will be stronger than you and you will naturally be happy. Some will say its not lasting, the moment you stop doing that you will go back to your old, sad state. That might be true, but it requires excercise on a regular basis. It can be a temporary state or you can teach yourself to become more optimistic. The authors of the article give several simple advice on how to maintain happiness and make it a part of our lives.


Here they are. When you wake up in the morning, decide something great is going to happen to you, turn on the happy expectations mode and seize the day. Why to wait with celebrating, if you can do nice things everyday? Make a cake without any particular reason, why not to show to people close to you, you love them – that would trigger another mechanism – doing good deeds. When you do something nice to someone, when you feel like you are a force for good, how does it make you feel?

I feel fantastic! If you don’t have anyone around you at that particular time in your life, why don’t you make a promise to yourself to just go out and be pleasant, chatty with people you meet today. Make a phone call and dial a friend you haven’t spoken to in a long time, just relax and have fun.

Another way would be to make a list of all the things you are grateful for and just say your thanks to the universe, some of you are familiar with a concept of “gratitude journal”, I’m sure there are at least dozen of things you are grateful for in your life. Just write it down and embrace all the good and positive, focus on it and your perspective will change.

What also helps is a very simple thing such as clearing your head and talking a walk, light physical exercises while paying attention to your surroundings and contemplating the beauty of the world is amazing. When you start noticing trees, birds, colors, observing people that pass you by and smile at them, i can guarantee this can also make a day for many:)

When you read this post, I bet you conclude it’s silly simple and anyone can do it. It is a choice though, you either create your life or life creates you, all that happens as we know can be interpreted by meanings you give it. So, decide today to be happy and stop making excuses. Im glad I read that article, it was again a little reminder, that my state is my choice and I can waste my energy focusing on negative things, or choose much more constructive path and just be happy.

If you are still not feeling it, go online and tune into you tube and watch some “candid camera” shots, this has to make you laugh and I bet the biggest pessimists out there, had few happy moments in their lives and can, if they choose tune in more positive energy.

Check my previous post about TFT, few techniques on reducing negativity, when you combine the two, Im convinced it can turn you around. It does take a little effort, and step one is to command yourself  “I WANT TO BE HAPPY!”, don’t over think it all look for all the ways you can not. Just Be HAPPY:)



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