Great quote from “Teachings of Abraham” on ANOTHER CHANCE

Hi Guys.

Out of school for today, this is AMAZING! I get so many ideas that I think lifetime of 150 years will not be enough:) so, not a problem, i can live for few hundred years:) do you think im pulling your leg:)? No, im not “aging is optional” ask me, so i can tell you how, LOL:)

Now off to some more research and then little friday evening relaxation, i’m an action type though, so i relax for balance, not for needing to relax:) I have this tendency to get into workoholism:) so knowing that, i implemented BALANCE:) in my life:)

I found this great quote in FB newsfeed today from “Teachings of Abraham” how true:

“There’s an expression in the physical environment that you use to entertain each other (it doesn’t serve you very well) that says, “I worry that I’ll go down to the dock, and that my ship will have already come and gone. I’ll miss my boat.” And we say, another boat, another boat, another boat—you have no idea how many boats are coming to your dock. It’s a steady stream, and it doesn’t matter how many of them you’ve missed. The only thing that matters is: what are you doing—right now—in your vibration? And you can tell what you’re doing, right now, in your vibration by the way you feel.”

I dont have much comment to this except to say there it ain’t over, untill you say it is, there is ALWAYS ANOTHER CHANCE, SO KEEP ON GOING:)

As Winston Churchill said “when you go thru hell, just keep on going”

Totally:) oki dokie, Loads of Love and Light to You, some may need extra light for Friday evening:) LOL



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