“Gratitude Can Transform Your Life”

Hello Dear Friends:)

Oh, what a wonderful Saturday morning, little snow outside, little chill, we are getting ready to go for a walk and will definately enjoy it, as we always do:)

Lider just loves it, one can really learn gratitude from that doggie, he is so happy always, never complains ( well, actually he always expects more food, no matter how much he gets), but he doesn’t complain, he is always very very grateful, he loves unconditionally, he shows joy always, he actually smiles:) Even if I’d loose my balance sometimes and shout at him or get upset, he is coming to me to cheer me up, he doesnt hold a gradge, i call him love dog:)

This post is about gratitude and its only natural that Lider would be a perfect example to follow and mimic:) Remember gratitude is shown in so many shapes and forms and it is your most precious tool to transform your life. Think about it, when you wake up in the morning and do a little rampage of appreciation? How would your day start? If you’d write some nice things down about people you care about, how about focusing for a moment and finding the traits in those that are not so lovable and be grateful for them as well?

I can give you 100s of examples of people that i didnt particularly like and then i worked out a way to have absolutely neutral feelings about them and adventually appreciated them. Maybe you realize by now, then if anyone annoys you, its only because they trigger something in you, that you need to release:) so they are in fact helping you get better and improve from within, how can you not be grateful for their lessons:) Yes, I know this can be ennerving experience, but take it from someone who used to be a ball of temper and could explode on the spot to prove my point:) LOL

Yes, I think fondly about these times and I wouldn’t change anything in my life, everything is unfolding exactly the way it should be:) So, I am very grateful and with this post I urge you to start implementing gratitude in your daily habits, first thing you wake up and last thing you do before you go to sleep:)

Have a beautiful Saturday, enjoy and be grateful,

With Love and Light



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