Good Morning Friends:) Christmas Is Around The Corner:)

It started snowing!

Wow, wonderful, I was just posting on FB, “I’m looking forward to white Christmas”:)And as Genie said to Aladdin : “Your Wish Is My Command” and it is indeed, it always is:)

Last night I had another webinar “Wake Up To The Genius You Are” and as always I was doing my best to let that divine, universal, all mighty and all powerful part of you out of you, so that you could surface it, unleash it and really start creating life of you dreams.

That Life you once dreamt you might have, when you were a kid and you allowed yourself to dream you dreams and “launched the rockets of desires” in the process:). As beautiful as this life is with the journey we are all on, so many of you forget, that dreaming and creating is your divine right, no matter what your belief systems are, what religious affiliations you come from, you can always, any second of you life make a shift in your consciousness and decide to step up, step forward, dare to do something worthy and create a miracleous life:)

My mission and passion is to guide you thru the process and allow you to help you help yourself and it’s that simple:) I’m sure that those who participate in my webinars and last till the end:) will agree, that there is loads of passion and dedication in what I do, as I have a very clear intention and desire, which is to inspire people to creating life of wonders, the reason for this calling is pretty simple, my own journey and life path lead me here thru the widing roads of twists and turns, ups and down, it continues on and I chose to allign with the calling of my heart and ever since I have made that decission and decided to go with the flow, things do flow……………And, yes:) webinar was to last 1 hour and it finished after 2, you beared till the end and sent raving reviews thank you:)

“Be the change you want to see in the world” changing the world starting with self, following with you household, moving on to the world, one family at the time, one individual at the time, that for me both in my business and coaching is the most inspiring task and I’m so looking forward to see you stepping up to this beautiful earthly game called human experience and oh so! can’t wait to see these geniuses arising from the abyss of your minds:)

With Love and Light and DO ENJOY THIS GORGEOUS DAY, remember “You think you can you are right, you think you can’t you are right”:) as many wise men before you said, as they knew about that Power that is also Within you just waiting to be unleashed:) XOXOX


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