Get on that tiger!:)

Uhhh, do you ever have one of those days when you feel like you can move mountains and mountains come!?:) 

What a feeling! When you are approaching the situation from that place of empowerment, when you know, that all that you need is within you, NOTHING scares you, NOTHING overwhelms you!:) What a rush, what emotion:)

I’m talking about pretty challenging stuff – bills when there is no money, when you are about to be evicted, when something happened, that cuts you off your feet!

Although as the students of the law know, there is no such thing as surprises ( it didn’t come out of nowhere, you’ve attracted it:)) Some of you are reading and rolling theirs eyes, yeah, yeah, shut up!:) I didn’t attract accident or someone’ death. Well, here’s a subject for a private coaching session or a series of:)

For now, let me just say, that when you realize, that YOU and ONLY YOU, can make sure you have, do and are whatever you conceive and believe, that is an incredibly powerful thing. Grasp that concept, that all that you need is already within you and you can to quote Joe Vitale be “the michaelangelo of you life, the david that you are scalping is you”

What a power to have, isn’t it? The fact that we have that respone ability – responsibility for our reactions to everything that happens around us, and that it is us who assign and give meaning to things, isnt it just a REVOLUTIONARY DISCOVERY?

I challenge you, I want to crush some cement in your brains:) no disrespect intended:) I just love waking people up from their slumber of ignorance and the spinning wheel of blame, resentment, bad feelings and generally being in a place of ME, the victim AGAINST the BIG, BAD WORLD:)

I bet you, that we can empower you so much, that when you are done pondering you will go out there and jump on that tiger called life and conquer the world!:)

Have a wonderful day and for extra kick, have a listen and look at this video.

See, that it’s never too late to EMPOWER YOURSELF, no matter where you are, who you are and what you are currently doing:) “You think you can you can you are right, you think you can’t you are right”. So, which is it?:)!

Love “the eye of the tiger”:)

Love and light





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