Friends, Family, Work – Your Life:)

You know, I had this thought today – how incredible it is, that as you move on with your personal development, people around you change and are being replaced by those that are so much more in tuned with who you are becoming.

I have over the years had many, many different friends from most diverse social circles, cultural backgrounds, religious affiliations and so on and I notice now how it all really changed and adjusted to how I was changing inside, do you also notice that around you?

It’s fascinating and I so can see how my relationships with people mirror what is going on with me in my life. I have recently entered the most amazing period of my life to date and I have really started attracting most stimulating and interesting people I have ever met.

I love the way life unfolds for me and I’m so grateful for it all, I’m so looking forward to what’s ahead and once I accepted that premise, that this field of all possibilities, the divine matrix:) as science calls our universe now is so filled with surprises, yet I can shape the way I desire, it is just fabulous. I feel like I have really stepped in the world of magic and miracles, and to think it was here ALL THIS TIME:)

Some people who are reading this and are not there yet:) think I lost it:) Well, I can assure you, that it’s quite opposite, i have found it:) I have found the way that some people were creating their lives consciously for millennia and I’m going to leverage on that knowledge to the best of my abilities. I can help you to do the same anytime you choose:) Watch this video to see how to be coached by me, and embark on the most fascinating adventure of your life,  it is really, really empowering:)

Friends and family – that is the topic of this post:) it is in fact very much in line with all of this, as relationships are the most important thing in your life, without them you wouldn’t be who you are, starting from your youngest years when you were born and brought up, your life started shaping certain way, and then as you grew older you became more and more aware of your wants and needs. Your peers have certainly helped you do that whether you willingly molded your behavior to be more in tune with them or not, you are for some reason hanging around with your group of friends. As they say you don’t choose your family, but you can choose your friends:)

It is really, really important to ponder this for a second as research shows, that you will talk, walk, behave:) just as your 5 best friends in 5 years and when I look around it is soooo true. That’s one of the reasons why i changed my social circle quite a few times, if you want to develop and grow and people around you don’t – well, you loose a sense of connection with them, of course you love them, there is no need to “dismiss” any of your friends, certainly not family:) if you don’t want to, but in order to develop and grow you will need to look for people that are inspiring you to be the best you can be.

Expansion of happiness is the purpose of life, I have read it so many times and at times, I wasn’t ready to fully accept it, some of my old beliefs came into picture – “Life is suppose to be hard, that’s just the way it it”, but as I discussed in one of my previous posts on Beliefs, you can always replace old, unproductive beliefs, the key though is to even become aware that you DO HAVE THEM:)

I can help you with that, and you can definately try to identify them yourself, just look around you and notice how your life is going and you will be able to immediately see what you need to work on – relationships, your physical body, your finances etcc..

If in any of these aspects your life is not going the way you’d like it to go, there you go, the answer is within you. Consider this:

“The future is created through our past thoughts, words, and actions. The future is the reaping of the seeds that we have sown in the past, whether those seeds are good or bad. Each sustained thought, every word we utter, and every action we take is a seed we will reap in our future.

To create a beautiful future, make as many of yourthoughts as possible good ones, speak good and kind words, and make sure yourr actions come from goodness.

Your future depends upon it” ( “The Secret, Daily teachings” by R.Byrne)

Does it make sense? If you think it doesn’t, that’s ok, you are simply unaware of the mechanics of creation, but should you want to understand it, read some more of my post and the truth will unfold for you and you will see crystal clear how your life was shaped up to date:)

Ok, I will leave you to it and I encourage you to watch some of my videos, have a look at your life and really create a great one, that is what you came here for anyways, didn’t you?

With Love and Light



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