Changing your self concept

What is self concept?

changing your self concept

Just a quick post today after the weekend,  I didn’t yet jump back into the normal weekly rhytm:) There was a lot of fun in the house this weekend and time flew by. In Friday’s post I mentioned my friend who was to watch “Zero Limits” and release some of her concerns, fears and negative emotions.

We spoke this morning and, she did enjoy DVDs, watched the whole program, practiced and the conclusion was, that her self concept is all wrong. Even the statement she made was not a very positive one. I asked her why knowing all that you know by now, you still keep on negatively programming yourself?:)

I said Bridget, we will find ways to completely turn your self concept upside-down, we will create new, positive, open and happy person, freed of limiting beliefs and constraints.

Self concept, what do you mean, my program? she asked. I said , that indeed it’s the way your perceive yourself, feel about yourself, think about who you are acting according to what your self concept is.

I’m sure many of you know very well, that we do, think and behave according to our own self concept consistent with internal programming. And according to the law of correspondence what’s inside manifests outside.

How to change your self concept?

Step one is to realize change is necessary. We all have our comfort zones and we adore them, as scary as it is we all get stuck for years and decades doing same old things and repeating actions that lead us nowhere. Years go by, we are getting older, more miserable, we live in status quo and then it’s over….or as some would say, a new version of you will come to the world and it will start replaying the same old music…( life in different dimensions, reincarnation, after life, there are different names for what happens with the energy, but that is a different post for another day:))

Changing that self concept will require a lot of work and dedication, but its a job that one definitely should do to be happy. So many people repeat all the time they want to be happier, healthier, more productive and than they end up eating even more, exercising even less, wasting time watching soap operas on TV:) and nothing ever changes.

Decisions do shape our life, as it was mentioned many times and every teacher out there will tell you the same thing. You shape your life, to quote Joe Vitale “You are the Michelangelo of your own life. The David that you are sculpting is you. And you do it with your thoughts.” So, change you program and start living:)

self concept

Self concept

Practical help with changing self concept

Stop just talking about it and subconsciously blocking yourself from creating the most amazing person you can be. Be willing to change, make a decision and let go of the old grumpy, negative, unhappy self. Even if you think your life is OK, great, my congratulations:) Don’t you want to be happy? Let’s not settle for OK, there are just too many beautiful things you can do, be and have, that OK is a huge waste of energy within you. I have a gift for you here, that will help you get on a track. As you know personal development is my passion I cooperate with most amazing company in the field ,they are the largest private treatment organization for troubled families.

Family IQ appeared on US national television number of times, in shows such as Dr Phil, Teenagers out of Control , Tyra Banks Show, ABC, NBC,CBS and many others. Recently Oprah’s network started talks with Family IQ to start cooperation.

I’m passionate about helping others help themselves and if you are willing to take the step and have a great life, I have a gift for you. The beginning though is to start inside you, see what your self concept is and decide to change it for the best concept of yourself and get to work on realizing your vision.

My present for you is a  test, that will help examine your self concept. It will help you clarify your focus and answer the question “Who you are”. Do yourself a favor and just dare to think, you can and if it’s up to be, it’s up to you.

Go to this website and if you wish to get it as a present ( leave a comment here and I’ll send you the information). Let’s define and change your self concept, so your magnificence can flourish.


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