Change Your Language, Change Your Life!

Good Morning, Good Tuesday Everyone:)

Let’s start a week with a bang:)

Let’s kick it off with powerful incantations, I love doing these! If you ever thought, that the words that you speak, do not matter, DO THINK AGAIN:) The words that are coming out of your mouth on a daily basis are the most powerful tools to make you feel great or collapse your entire state of being. A lot of people know about affirmations, you know these positive statements that you make about yourself, your life, your desires and so on. Incantations are affirmations with a turbo charge, when you speak the words you embody them, you influence your entire being by the change in your physiology, you are transforming your state within minutes, the levels of your energy are peaking. I swear if you do it consistently with enthusiasm, you will catapult yourself to a completely new state.

I learnt about incantations from Tony Robbins, years ago, in this post’s video he explains how he does his, I never get bored of listening to these. Actually this ritual reminds me of tribal dances, when participants sent their prayers to the divine dancing around the bon fire, there is a sort of a trans that is being generated and you can’t help but feel as if your wishes, prayers were already fulfilled and if you watched a free online training series I prepared at, then you know what i’m talking about, if you didn’t tune in, it’s all about how you can wake up to your inner power and start co-creating your life consciously.
We are focusing on the power of thoughts, feelings, words and we teach you how to listen to your heart more and your mind much less, mind’s duality got us in enough trouble, now the time has come to tune into the music of our soul and live healthier, happier and wealthier life:) Talking about beautiful, uplifting words, here is a little something, I’d like to share with you, when you read it, you can see how this makes you feel and how powerful and uplifting words can be. So, do pay attention to how your express yourself verbally and next time when you are about to say, you can’t do something, stop, and change it to “I will not” which is the expression of choice and power vs. weakness, wouldn’t you say?
Now here is a very uplifting, beautiful letter written by one of my FB friends to his team mates, how can such words not make you feel great? In fact parts of this would make a perfect set of incantations. Here it is:
“There is a giant within you
that only needs to be chiseled
out of youThere is knowledge in your heart
that you can do anything but that
small little voice in your head
stops you from accomplishing life’s
greatest achievementsTwo years ago my physical form was
in personal foreclosure, on the brink
of bankruptcy but I quieted that little
voice and started chiseling awayNever let the small temporary circumstances
enslave your mindRidicule, rejection, depression, anger
were all part of that journey.Abundance, gratitude and joy came later.There were many who doubted me, there will
be many who doubt you. If the little voice
in your head is not serving you, quiet it
and let the noise of your actions choke itIf you have the capacity to read this message,
to post on facebook, to comprehend my words
today, you have the ability to take control
of the circumstances of your lifeEnvy those of success and you are doomed never
to become one of themHate those of wealth and you fulfill the keeping
of your circumstances the sameThose of you in my team. I bow to you, I humbly thank
you and am honored beyond words that you chose to
spend your precious time and heart with me
There is a tiger within you. A hurricane of power.
A galaxy of star moments that are dying to burst
into and out of your memory and senses.
You are unlimited, you are most powerful but only
if you choose to be. Sever the ties of those that
don’t serve your most beautiful light within you”
Written by Ray Higdon:)
Wow, I love it, now imagine being in peak state, playing some great music and shouting these words while looking into your eyes in the mirror, hypnotizing yourself: ”There is a tiger within me. A hurricane of power. A galaxy of stars. All That I Need is Within Me Now, and I CAN DO, BE, HAVE ALL THAT I DESIRE”.
Really, I swear it, you do it every day, for a month, the amount of inspired action that will follow will come in avalanches!
Listen to Tony Robbins and his incantations, and then create your own and you are on your way to a smoking week!
Wishing You a beautiful day/night whenever this post will find you
With Love & Light


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