“Be the Change You Want to See in The World”

Yes, that again:)

I will repeat it over and over and over again, as this is the essence of it all, of your thriving, of your success and prosperity in all aspects of life.

Read my previous posts and it will unfold for you, here is a very nice summary of what this is all about, I couldn’t say it better myself, so I’ll quote Rhona Byrne again from “The Secret – Daily Teachings”:

“As you live in the power, the love, and the joy of your own being, you will uplift millions.

Follow your own path. Follow your own truth. Follow your own heart. Follow your own inner bliss, and allow each person to follow theirs, whatever it may be. Look for the good in everyone and everything, and let your love and joy radiate out to the world every day”

Getting closer to understanding this? I will give you the magic words here, that will once they settle in within you allow you to get it all:

“Desire Everything, need nothing”:) Yes, I know:) But that is exactly THE SECRET to it all, to manifestations, to creation of anything material you want:) You need to find the way to stop being needy and just be happy in the now, again read my blog scroll down to older posts, search for what you might look answers too and you will find them, as I have been writing this for over 6 months:) and once you come to the point when you are happy in whatever current reality you live in, you are going to come to the point when the shift occurs and your circumstances will change.

So be happy always, “follow your bliss”, live happily in the now, basically do what you need to do, to be and have what you desire and rejoice in it, change “have to” to “want to”, stop forcing anything, get into inspired actions ( even initially if you hate doing sthg, train yourself into loving it – for that get in my coaching program and you are welcome to start with tuning in to one of my free webinars: “Wake up to the Genius Within You” )and just get on with it.

Yeah, yeah, some will say its not that simple, well… it is that simple, when you come here to this earthly life you were given a free will, period, the choice is yours, nobody will take it away from you, so right now you can make a decission to step up to the game called life and choose to steer towards pleasure and be happy now or…you can go towards the pain, there are 2 choice in life really, everything else is just a fluff fluff in disguise.

Some reading this probably want to kick my ass and tell me to shut up and shove this knowledge up my a:) but hey:) you are here reading this, so clearly you are looking for answers and these my friends are simple:) Your husband is an asshole, your job sucks, you are broke, so???? Fix it and how? Read above and read my previous posts, implement and start disciplining yourself into one thing and one thing only – conscious creation according to the algorithm of creation and you are good.

As long as you keep on moping about it and live in denial as long as you in the blame game of everything and everyone around you, you are not growing, you are not expanding, you are vegetating, you are not living full, purposeful, driven life, so stop it now, make a choice and start living a life of wonders and no, there will be no fireworks of extasy after 5 minutes:) it requires persistance, persiverance, determination and “hard” work, but the work can be the labor of love and you can love it, but this is the work, mastering your thoughts and emotions and becoming the conscious creator of your experience – this is you JOB:)

Ok people, Nati is like a broken record of spreading the word:) if you keep following my posts, this is the truth, no matter what you currently think, this is it, take it or leave it:)

Am I cheeky? Well, get connected to the source, your inner being and you will see, hear, feel the same answers, there are tens of thousands of people who have already experienced what is popularly called as “the awakening” and I have been asleep for far too long:) but once you are awaken life as you knew it is changed and you have entered the life of miracles, your outside circumstances might not change at once, but they will and in fact the manifestations come immediately in all aspects of your life, you just need to see them:) Again sometimes God/Universe gives you the most amazing gifts but they have slightly different packaging, that you envisioned so you might not notice, but when you look carefully, you are in awe:)

Geeezzz, im in awe, that its 6 am and i’m really getting going here, so I think i’ll end this post and get on with my book as clearly im in my element now:)

Ok peeps, enjoy your day, have a wonderful day, i dont know when you read it, but i write it on Saturday, so have a great weekend and start this ok? Start living this wonderful life of yours NOW:)

With Love and Light



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