Be Happy, Choose Happiness Always:)

Hi Guys:)

Amazing day, the levels of energy that are being generated within me are wonderful:) How are feeling today?

Some people who read my posts might think, I must have been borned happy and with a huge smile on my face and that’s how it went:) Well, not entirely so, although the truth is that we are all being born pure and clean, we are like a sponge ready to suck in anything that is around us, and….that’s when it starts:) We are entering this world that is very very very programmed and should we be so “lucky” to be born into a loving, open and happy family, then it is easier for us to stay this way, should it be the other way around then we would continue living our lives most probably associating it with struggle and fight for survival, fight for our voice being heard, or some people would just conform and live this way allowing others to make choices for them, feeling like victims of circumstances, victims of life pretty much.

When I set out to write this blog, the purpose was one – help, help, help as many people as i can reach to wake up to their genius, as there is so much brilliance in every person, we all have unique gifts, talents and something we can present to the world. We each have beautiful music inside us, but we are selling ourselves short. I had this dream, that I can help change people’s live to happier, wealthier, healthier and i can see how this dream is manifesting right in front of my eyes. My life might seem like magic to some people, and it is because one day I made the choice I wanted it to be.

There was a period of a looooong struggle and ups and downs and I have decided to share it with wider audience in my book, the reason why i didnt speak too much about the struggle is simple, i chose to only have uplifting, happy thoughts and focus on these.

However now, that I decided to take my message to wider public, i see the value in sharing the bad as much as good, i understand that showing examples from my life, i can help many people as they can relate easier to struggle then magic sometimes, but my mission, my passion is to help change that, and thru my example show them, that dreams are worth dreaming and that they can come true, it requires certain knowledge, certain thinking, but once you acquire and implement it, your life is going to transform by your own doing, all of a sudden there will be no need to blame anyone or anything, you will unleash the power you have as a creator of your life and it will feel like magic:)

For now, i encourage you to go back to my posts that describe the algorithm of creation and really, really get into it, as it does work, i’m in the process of preparing more video that explain in more details the 5 tips to waking to the genius you are, here is the short one – it’s good to watch even on daily basis, as often certain information is received differently at different times.

5 TIPS ON HOW TO WAKE UP TO THE GENIUS YOU ARE Wishing you a beautiful day filled with Love and Light


















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