Good Day to You Fellow Soul!

I truly hope I find you joyful, if not here is something that might help you to help yourself!

It took me decades to finally get it – suffering truly is optional and you know what…when I finally got it, I still allowed myself to suffer from physical, emotional, mental pain and kept on creating those false constructs of myself and for myself.

The ideas of what I should behave like, what I should look like, how I should comply with this or that…All this nonsense kept me stuck in self-created hell.

Last year when I released I thought that I finally found all the answers, oh yeah, Miss Yoda was born, I did feel truly connected to my inner wisdom and yes I did feel good for a few months and then booommm downer again!

What was going on????? I was raising to love and light, what NOW!:)

And finally, finally, finally through pain and suffering answers to very tough questions emerged. I almost had it last year, I did have the answers but I forgot about self-discipline, mental and emotional discipline and allowed myself slide down the slippery slope of self-doubt and denying myself self-love.

It’s very easy to slip, simply because there are decades of programming imprinted in my, your DNA and it all comes to the surface when we stop guarding our attitude…


This destructive behavior as painful as it was and did cause a lot of suffering appeared to open to doors to real clarity and the answers really emerged very quickly and very intensely.

It became very, very clear that to quote Teal Scott: “universe is not going to save your from your own mind…”, no it won’t since you, me, we are a part of the universal mind and we create our own reality, period. So there is a need to step up, release the destructive patterns and help ourselves. Then the universe/God/Spirit will help us as in fact it always does respond to our intentions emotionalized:)

1044974_591836020861105_2017367677_nSo…I stopped my mental and emotional processes and finally chose to reclaim my inner power for good! I began releasing the last remnants of self-limiting beliefs that came with a vengeance biting me hard after a period of being truly connected to my inner wisdom.

You know something like – last soldiers defending the walls of already defeated city:) My ego was screaming and shouting, but I just kept on bombarding it with love – pardon the military metaphors, but you are feeling me on this one, i hope!

The key to maintaining the connection to your inner tuition truly is balance, balance between the mind and the heart, true coherence between your left, right brain and your beautiful heart that is the beacon of your truth.

Mind keeps on evaluating everything, there needs to be label for everything and everyone, but heart just is in the constant state of love, so when you can work out the healthy balance between your head and your heart, you are going to create the most amazing life experience.

Suffering is really caused by us losing the connection with our center where there is peace and joy, the bliss, the appreciation of the now which is the moment of power from which all origins.

Risking to appear a bit “direct” but who cares, let me quote this wisdom: “when you have one leg in the past and one leg in the future, you can only PISS on the now”, verbatim…..


Stop, contemplate, focus and move on to the source of your inner power.

When one finally, truly grasps that reality is nothing but the outer reflections of our state of being, one is empowered to change it by focusing on creating the desired reality.

Easier said than done, while suffering from the consequences of focusing on unwanted, I know, but, believe me, you can reverse it and you can do it at any moment. You can align with the universal flow that will support you and help you to overcome ANYTHING.

Perhaps it would be best if you watched and truly listened to this great video, released by Teal Scott, she said it really greatly and explained very well what suffering is and how one can truly steer clear of it.

Just as Tony Robbins aptly put it: “pain is inevitable but suffering is optional”, couldn’t agree more.

Have a look at the video and allow yourself freedom from the mental and emotional chains your mind created. And hey, remember that you too were influenced by so many outside forces, pheeewww, don’t get me started on that one. It DOES NOT matter, forgive yourself, forgive everyone else that might have pained you, they too were/are lost, release the past and focus on where you can make the shift – in the NOW.

Love and nurture your mind, your body, yourself by planting new, beautiful, love affirming seeds in the infinite spiritual fields of your being and THRIVE picking the most delicious fruits of your wonderful tender, loving care!

May Love and Light Be Always With You!

By Natalia PH


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