Hello Kindred Spirit!

Wow, 2 years! It’s been two years since I started this blog, time truly does fly!

I couldn’t be happier that universe put me in touch with over 1000 subscribers to my “Soul Food” newsletter and that I’m able to share my insights with you.

My mission, my purpose is to help to communicate and teach about health, happiness, prosperity and those amazing inner resources that each and everyone has and can unleash at any moment they choose.

As Catherine of Siena once wrote: “When you become who you were meant to be, you will set the world on fire.”

tumblr_m98am8VHLY1qzn4asI feel like I’m in the process of becoming the best version of myself and since the world is the mirror of one’s inside world that’s what I’m seeing all around me – in my relationships, in my work, in my world!

You are a part of that, dear Reader and I thank you for finding that blog and becoming a part of my miraculous world!

I have been writing mainly about metaphysics here. About my own journey of awakening and using it as a point of reference to show you that I too felt the pain, the suffering and from there on I’ve been raising to love and light.

Raising to love and light is what I promote and encourage. It is my sincere desire that I touch and aid you on your journey of self discovery should this be your intentionJ.

During my communication with you, I’ve been asked several times for ideas about how to make money, since we are living in the physical realm. Money so it happens is one of the means to experience it.

Well, as you know I have gone through some HUGE financial troubles myself and created Abundance-Academy.com where I explained not only my path to freedom but also what abundance truly means.

If you missed my free webinar, tune into it here at www.Abundance-Academy.com

Understanding the true nature of abundance my friend is a starting point to freedom financial and otherwise.

Understanding what abundance truly is and that you already are as abundant as you are ever going to be, tapping into that inner resource will allow you to experience abundance in your physical reality.

I have recently gone through rather intense (over an hour of electroshocks) kundalini awakening and I must tell you my life has never been the same.

Kundalini, chi, whatever you want to call it – the life energy, the Spirit within us, exploded from within me with a force of thousands lightnings and I felt like I was literally floating above my bed.

It was literally out of this world experience!

Ideas, inspiration, new forces have been surging through me with the biggest intensity than ever before. I have a total clarity of intention now and as I thought I kinda had it already, ever since that day – few months ago – my path has become even clearer.

I will now focus on communicating and teaching about physical health (one would figure that one out even sooner calling oneself Natalia PH! It does not only stand for my full name apparentlyJ Przybylska-Hansson, yeah, PH – balance yeah, Potential of Hydrogen – yeah, but………PHYSICAL HEALTH – duh!:))

I have been drawn to the topics truly strongly ever since last May and then boom the kundalini exploded. So now, I’ll be sharing more and more about it and particularly how our health is being affected by thoughts, emotions and nutrition. How mental, emotional, nutritional toxicity can hinder our life, growth, joy, well being and prosperity.

I’ve been working on my second book now titled: “Love yourself to health, 111 tips to perfect health and your ideal weight” and in it I describe my journey from mental, emotional, physical and spiritual torment of experiencing bulimia for over 17 years. I describe my path to freedom in all those areas.

It is quite amazing actually that more and more it become evident to me that one should teach about what one knows best. And as I am very versatile and was incredibly interested in LOA and metaphysics, it appears that it is the matters of mind/body/spirit connection in particular are my real forte.

You might be familiar with my CANCER adventure I told about in Mindset-Academy.com and how I handled that, if not tune into that free online training, the interconnectedness of this whole story of mine is just amazing. I literally crack myself up when I think about my challenges backwards and how it all MAKES SENSE.

Ok, so writing about bulimia has been on my mind for a while now and I know there are many people out there who suffer from addictions and may not want to share it.

I have decided to share my pain and use it as a point of reference to help those who need to sooth their and free themselves from the chains of addictions.

Eating disorders and particularly bulimia is often considered a secret, even an embarrassing disorder as for one rarely anyone knows you have it and two you, yourself rarely want anyone to know about it – ahhh, the drama! of it all!

Well, seriously it is everything but funny to go through it, but I don’t want to give away too much here and now. I just wanted to announce a new direction of this blog.

It will go towards promoting health in all aspects and naturally nothing is separated from happiness and prosperity. When you thrive in your body your Spirit thrives and the other way around!

Now, one more announcement.

You might recall my last week’s blog about my full moon epiphany.

If you don’ I want to encourage you to read it, if you are searching for tools to help you to create material prosperity.

Naturally life in this dimension is much easier should you be financially independent and I absolutely promote that too. I have experienced lack and I say thank you, but no thank you!

It is your divine right to thrive in all aspects of life.

I say yes to that and as I’m working on my book and a new program, I have also decided to join forces with my husband, Joakim and partnered up with him in his new venture that I described in my previous post.

We are currently looking for partners in a truly win – win concept, where there are zero catches.

If you have determination, desire and will to succeed, if you are willing to create your financial prosperity, have a look at his newest video.

Here is the link once more: INSPIRED OPPORTUNITY

Hope to be hearing from you, should you want to pursue this.

May Love and Light Be Always With You, May You Thrive!

Natalia PH


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