About Me

I’m a life enthusiast who follows my passion and my creates my best life!

I’m a student of many teachers, have several degrees, finished many courses yet none of this matches up with life experience.

I’ve had my share of ups and down, that included 20 years of eating disorder and self healing from it, near financial ruin, cancer diagnosis, you name it…

My life has been full of interesting twists and turns which allowed me to step on the path of personal development and in the process get to know to the teachings of the best in the field.

I love to work with people, I work internationally on and offline. I have clients and partners in all corners of the world, anywhere where people share this “force for good” spirit.

My work is my passion and when one is fortunate to align with their soul’s purpose, everything is an opportunity to grow.

I’m Polish, married to a Swedish guy – Joakim, we both feel like citizens of the world.

I have a dog, his name is Lider, the most amazing creature alive ( love embodied:)).

I live in a gorgeous part of the world, in the Costa Blanca, Spain, yet my mind and soul ( body occasionally) loves to travel all over the globe.

I have big goals and dreams and I encourage everyone to always “think big” and dream big dreams while delving into inspired actions to realize them.

I’m a total believer in Napoleon Hill’s: “whatever your mind can CONCEIVE and BELIEVE, you can ACHIEVE”.

Coaching and inspiring others has always been something natural to me and gave me a lot of joy.

My passion is to help people empower themselves, to help them unleash their inner resourcefulness, to help them use that God given free will and direct it toward the choices that help create amazing and purposeful lives!

Namaste, please drop me a line and let’s connect <3

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Much Love



“Natalia Przybylska-Hansson is an Entrepreneur and a Coach, she has worked in sales and management positions in small and medium sized companies she has owned as well as been employed. Her background includes the media industry where she managed productions of special country reports that were aired on international TV stations. In this position, she interviewed members of government including prime ministers as well as the CEO’s of the top 100 corporations in the country featured. Natalia now is a partner, write and a presenter in a film production company on the Costa Blanca, Spain

  • Roxane Spinharney

    Get ahold of me . I’m excited about it all but truthfullyy your first words grabbed me. Need to get a new keyboard. It skipps ,oh well. I’m newly divorced a annd my ex now can not negate my ideas even though I let him. I want in.

  • Nasrin Mayet

    I want out of my relationship and askd for it to b done with love,respect,honor and dignity and all i keep getting is people trying to put me on the guilt trip and wanting this marriage to work

    • admin

      Hi girl:) Let me help you with my videos, now you saw a pill of 10 minutes, soon 5 videos are coming up with each step, also tune into this blog and read about ALGORITHM OF CREATION, feed yourself with BRAIN FOOD, if you really want this, you are going to do it, remember you need to help yourself first, you need to eliminate and mute outside influence, this is your life and you are to live it for you and when you do, then you will be able to attract partner that you want. I also do one on my coaching, if you can book me, nevertheless believe me, there is plenty of value in my emails and videos and if its to be its always, always UP TO YOU!:) ask Sumayya to join us in Nu skin, should you want to build this business with us, i may get the chance to talk to you as all my partners get my coaching in a package:) With Love and Light, xoxox, Natalia