Good Morning Dear Friends:) Rise and Shine:)

Hello Everybody:)

What an amazing, December Day, fillled with hope and promise:) The air is crisp and wintery, we are looking forward to white Christmas:) The season of giving and joy, you can fill it in the air, I’m making a wish, that people take their spirits and act like this more often, regardless the season:)

Today’s Inspiration from my wonderful friend and partner in South Africa – Magzzz, she is an incredible inspiration and I can say without a doubt my soul mate, next to my husband, my parents and one of two dear friends, she is the most precious gift, that appeared in my life in last few months.

I believe in miracles as they do happen everyday, I appreciate my life so much and Universe sent me this amazing woman to not only be my business partner, but one of the most dearest members of my family of blood and not:) As they say, you are not to choose your family, but you get to choose your friends and I add, sometimes these are Godsent:)

Love You Magzz and looking forward to our future together in achieving our huge goals and dreams:) May the Force Be with Us and those that are reading, May Your Dreams Come True.

With Love and Light:)



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  • Magzz Van Wyk

    I believe that true friendship continues to grow even over the longest distances. The same goes for true love……

    The God’s obviously took favour on us. It is a rarity that Soulmates find each other, rarer even across the miles. You my dear Natalia, have become such a part of our existence and I truly BELIEVE this to eternity. I cannot Thank you enough for the Phemonal Inspiration that you are and to Joakim and your parents for including me so much in their everyday lives. May our united dreams be favoured too by God and may our friendship carry us “to the moon and beyond”
    Love and Light back you, Oh Precious One